We channel support and donations from businesses like Bristol Sweet Mart to Food Groups like Super Supper Club to address food poverty in our community.


As well as activities to keep fit, we enable monitoring of the local environment [air quality and traffic] through RADE’s Saaf Hava sensor network. This way, our Community can understand and influence the world around them.


We help our community express its needs and visions of a better future through art and artists like Peace of Art. Design is the key to better ways to evolve while focusing on the greatest need rather than the loudest voices.


All of our activities seek to educate and empower our community - data from Saaf Hava feeds STEM activities and improve the digital skills of our neighbours. Under the umbrella of Easton Data Garden, we seek


Our links with educational bodies like UWE allow us to create pathways for young people through other activities of the Baggator Nexus so that they can grow and find a better future. So we link Rade and Local Young Citizens to Engineering and Data Science using the information in the Easton Data Garden.


Neighbourhood Planning is bringing our other activities and those of the groups we support into equal relationships with professionals and experts to realise a better Environment through the Blue-Collar-15-Minute-City. By starting with the data collected and the lived experience of our marginalised community, it is possible to put addressing inequality at the heart of change.

Baggator has worked in the local community from its inception in 1999 to meet concerns expressed by parents and young people for the provision of a friendly and safe out of school environment for young people. We attract a representative cross section of the diverse cultural mix in the locality. We also collaborate with local youth groups, schools, employers and other agencies.
Baggator offers a range of innovative programmes for young people in the local area. These activities encompass Health, Arts, Sports, Bicycle Maintenance, ICT, Cultural Exchanges and STEM Projects.
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