What is open at Baggator during lockdown 2

Contact the Super Supper Club via Facebook to book a delivery to BS5 or to book a collection from Baggator between 5 and 6pm on Wednesdays.

Young citizens can drop into Bagga-Bites takeaway for free food on Thursdays between 5pm and 6.30pm. Sample menu: Hot dogs, Mac n cheese, Chocolate fudge cake, Fruit.


You need to book....

Cycling sisters are finishing their current courses on a one to one basis on selected Sundays. You can call Aumairah on 07465879496 or email 
aumairah@bmcs.org.uk to get on the list for the next course.

Please contact Atami Tutor Centre  on 07952 861952 for more info about 1.1 tutoring.

The Baggator Gardening Project are running with Covid measures in place but not taking new people on at the moment.


Baggator Nexus

Baggator Nexus is a collection of groups & people dedicated to citizen empowerment in Easton, Bristol. Everyone deserves an equal voice in the future. Some voices are louder because of Privilege, other voices need Amplification. The Nexus is a method of Amplification.

Stop Press: Preparing for the Future

We're continuing to use The Pickle Factory [13 All Hallows Road, BS5 0RP] to support our friends and neighbours in the face of COVID-19. The Super Supper Club feeds vulnerable/isolated/ill neighbours, and are looking at ways to feed more people. Twice a week the yard is a hive of activity as The Plough & others ship out their veg boxes from All Hallows Hall.

We're shifting focus to the future including:-

  1. Rapid Response Youth Club ready as soon as our Young Citizens are released from Lockdown.
  2. Long-term work with Young Citizens building on what they want.
  3. Strengthening and expanding contact with Young Citizens now to ensure their voice is heard from the outset.

What does this mean in detail

Firstly, at some point, we'll need to urgently respond to Young Citizens [aged 12-18] being let-out from Lockdown with nothing to do. We've got to assume we will have little warning and any funding will follow at a later date. So using whatever and whoever is available at the time we will need to run a primary 'youth club' within days of an announcement. We are asking people to tell us if they think they can help.

Secondly, we are planning some more substantial activities to follow on from the basic youth club as quickly as possible. These include a bike club; recording studio; street art; ICT/gaming; gardening; and a few other similar activities. Exactly what we can do, and in what order depends on the skills available, and the funding we can secure at the time. So if you have particular skills or interests, we'd love to hear about them.

We also need social media and communications skills to get the message out to Young Citizens, and try and get their input into what we are planning. Lastly, we are trying to provide women-only alternatives where ever possible so that Young Women Citizens can feel comfortable doing things they might otherwise not try - like street art and recording.

We are working with several groups and organisations including

  • Bagga-youth
  • All Hallows Hall
  • Bristol Muslim Cultural Society,
  • Super Supper Club 
  • RADE
  • Plan-EL
  • Marsh Maker
  • Peace of Art
  • BristVol
  • ELH Citizens University

We need volunteers [doesn't everybody!]. We also need these skills

  • Youth Work
  • ICT
  • Logistics
  • Food Handling
  • Emergency Planning
  • Links with every part of our Community
If you can help email: office@baggator.com
More information on our website [Baggator.org] & social media in the coming days.

Baggator works in some of the most socially disadvantaged areas of Bristol to provide programmes of informal education, skills training and leisure activities for young people and their families.

Baggator has worked in the local community from its inseption in 1999 to meet concerns expressed by parents and young people for the provision of a friendly and safe out of school environment for young people. We attract a representative cross section of the diverse cultural mix in the locality. We also collaborate with local youth groups, schools, employers and other agencies.

Baggator offers a range of innovative programmes for young people in the local area. These activities encompass Health, Arts, Sports, Bicycle Maintenance, ICT, Cultural Exchanges (Leipzig, Germany 2010 & 2011) Camps & Residential visits (Exmoor 2010 & Southern Ireland 2011) and Heritage projects.