The first Cracking IT session in 2018!

Cracking IT at Baggator

I’m Lisa, a website designer from Easton. I’m really lucky to have the job of teaching IT to the Cracking IT women’s group at Baggator. This is a quick post so we can remember what we have done and so everyone else can see what we are up to. I’d like to thank Sword Apak for funding these sessions and making it possible.

This week we started off talking about what we do on the internet now. Everyone is the group is on WhatsApp so we can use that to communicate with each other.

Eventually, the Cracking IT team will be running the social media campaign for Baggator. To start with, we are going to set up and use an Instagram account but to do that we need an email address. We made a Gmail account and we are ready to go for next week.

We found out about staying safe

  • How to search for something, using the browser bar at the top, or the search bar
  • How to check a site is safe, checking for https to show it is secure and checking that the title of the search is the same as the address shown in the line below.
  • How to identify an advert, which might not be what we want (Search results bring up adverts and these have [AD] in a box next to them. What we need might be below the searches.)
  • How to find out what browser we are using (top right, click on the little menu then click on help)
  • How to delete our history if we are on a public computer (Ask on Google remembering to tell it which browser you are using)
  • How to zoom in and out (CTRL + and CTRL -)

We talked about secure passwords

We talked about Cookies and how they save our information to make it quicker for us to use our computers next time. Passwords should be at least 8 characters long and contain a mixture of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters. We made a password more secure by replacing some letters with numbers. We also checked a Secure Password Generator website.

Plan for next session

To get Instagram on all our phones, set up with a Cracking IT account. We won’t be taking pictures of our faces or anything that identifies us so we will stay safe.

If you would like to join us please contact