New women-only keep-fit and creative dance sessions

From May 20th, Baggator will be kickstarting – and restarting – a number of activities. First up are the women-only fitness and creative dance sessions.

Instructor Lily

“Hi! My name is Lilian – or call me Lily. I am a creative movement instructor. I like to work with Pilates and yoga-based techniques and also incorporate creative dance for teenagers. 

I’m passionate about creating women’s and girls’ spaces. I try to encourage women to explore their bodies and build their confidence and general fitness through light exercises at their own pace.

I’m a DIY woman and have done physically demanding work as a support worker and gardener. This has encouraged me to learn to keep fit and I hope to share what I’ve picked up and make fitness more accessible for you.I believe that our bodies have the strength needed to keep us active and invigorated. You don’t need gyms and expensive equipment to keep fit. So come join my session and let’s squat and push up together. “ — Lily

Women-only keep fit sessions

The women-only keep fit sessions involve stretching, light exercises and relaxation techniques. 

In these free women-only keep fit sessions you will explore a range of exercises, from stretching to relaxation techniques that can be adapted to suit your fitness level and experience.

You’ll learn Pilates and aerobic movements which you can practice at home, or any other place you feel comfortable. Instructor Lily is open to suggestion so that the session meet your needs. 

The sessions are aimed at women who haven’t had access to fitness classes before and may not feel confident enough to try out exercising. The weekly sessions are an opportunity to practice general fitness in a supportive and nurturing environment.

When: every Sunday starting May 23rd. Cycling Sisters, our women-only cycling group, will also be present for their bi-weekly sessions.

Where: Baggator, All Hallows Rd, BS5 0HH

To sign-up call 07593707084

For women who need it there are creche spaces available. But these are limited. Contact: 07593707084.

*Baggator will provide mats (2m apart) and hand sanitisers.*

Girls-only Creative Dance

The weekly creative dance session is a space for young girls (8-16 years old) to encourage and empower each other and work effectively as a group. You will try out different types of dance and choreograph our own styles. This can be an outlet for the young girls to express themselves physically through creative dance in a safe, supportive and super fun environment.

When: Every Thursday starting May 20th 4:30PM-5:30PM

Where: Baggator, All Hallows Rd, BS5 0HH

Sign-ups are usually at Baggator’s Bagga-Bites running Thursdays at 5:30pm where we serve hot meals for young people in BS5.

Any questions or queries contact 07593707084.

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