Improving the look of the Baggator web site

Making new graphics

We changed the pictures in the web site and we make them more attractive.  We used Canva to make graphics for the front page of the web site. For each subject we used different text and picture. Choosing our words very carefully worded to get impact in first site.

Gardening one has herb pictures and cooking one has vegees on it. The IT one has screen and the ping pong one has a ping pong bat.

What the group said about the session

“I liked making the colourful changes to our previous designs and the coordination between the images. I had found it daunting as to what steps are taken to reach the final appearance but found that challenge easier with the kind help of the teacher and colleagues!”

“I liked Canva because you can highlight things and put different shapes in. You can move photos around too. We decided to keep the words short and cheerful.”


I’m amazed at how much we got done today. The Cracking IT team at Baggator are turning into real professional designers in front of my eyes! We worked really well as a team and it was a lovely session. Thank you to Sword Apak for funding that makes this happen. Lisa