Even in Lockdown2 there are Nice Problem

Some problems are nice problems. Last night We had a nice problem.

We’re short of funds (not a nice problem). We’re short of volunteers (not a nice problem). Poverty and the need for a helping hand are rocketing (definitely not a nice problem). We’ve run out of Fridge and Freezer space – that is a nice problem. Why? Because people and businesses are recognising what we do and giving us more and more food. £80 of fresh meat from Pak Butchers. 200 frozen meals donated. Frozen Cake from Cakesmith’s. The result – we need more fridges and freezers to store the food until we cook, or distribute it, later in the week.

We, by the way (when it comes to the food side of things), are Baggator, Super Supper Club, Barton Hill Sunday Kitchen, Bagga-bites, and not forgetting feeding the Tutors and Students at Saturday’s Atamai Tutor Center.

If you can help with time, money, food or freezers, call Ruth on 07593 707084 (Email: ruth@baggator.com)