Cracking IT session 2, Instagram!

We started the session by logging into our Gmail account and then we opened up an Instagram account.

We found out how to use the Cracking IT Instagram account on our phones.

Then we went and took some pictures!



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Women only computer classes Wednesday at Baggator. #learning #women #bristol #easton #allhallows

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Instant likes on Instagram

Our first likes came from a fellow foodie from Boston USA and a lovely fish and chip shop on Park Street. We like Catch 22 because they cook their fish separately from their meat and their chips are delicious!


A hashtag is like a capital letter at the front of a word. It brings the topics out into the universe by making it easier for people to find us. We used #bristol #easton #women #community and we think people liked our #curry hashtag!


Plans for next week

Next week is half term and we are going to be in the garden. We are going to put some more pictures on our Instagram account and do some more blogging.

The Cracking IT it team.