Cracking IT makes posters at Baggator

Cracking IT Computer group at Baggator

Cracking IT is the women’s group that meets at Baggator every Wednesday afternoon. Today we learned how to make posters to promote the sessions.

How did we do it?

We used Canva which is an online programme you can use for free and it is at

We made posters to print out and images to share on Facebook.


The CTRL key!

We discovered the Control key today and these are some of the things that it does:

  • CTRL A – selects all the text
  • CTRL C – copies
  • CTRL V – pastes

most important of all

  • CTRL Z undoes mistakes.

What else did we learn?

Cracking IT Computer group at Baggator

We found out how important it is to set an external link to open in a new tab in the browser. This means that people won’t be sent away from our site.

We learnt the difference between learned and learnt too! There is no difference, only learned is more often used in American English. We used Google to find out about this here

Best bits of the session

  • The use of control keys on the keyboard
  • Finding out how easy it is to make a poster
  • That we can expect lovely postcards for Christmas or New Year
  • That we can start a revolution of lovely postcards!
  • That we can create our own missions and campaigns and use our own ideas

Worst bits of the session

Lisa was ashamed that although English is her first and only language, some of the learners were much better at it than her!

Thank you to Sword Apak who fund the sessions, we are very grateful.

Cracking IT Computer group at Baggator