Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together

Easton in Bristol

We are in a Recession. Friends and Neighbours are staring into an abyss. Others, through luck and Privilege, are pressing on with their agendas. The Baggator Nexus has tried to find a way through using the loan gift from a neighbour; incredibly dedicated Volunteers, and the skills of the Nexus members. Sometimes we felt like the witches from Macbeth stirring … Read More

Even in Lockdown2 there are Nice Problem

Some problems are nice problems. Last night We had a nice problem. We’re short of funds (not a nice problem). We’re short of volunteers (not a nice problem). Poverty and the need for a helping hand are rocketing (definitely not a nice problem). We’ve run out of Fridge and Freezer space – that is a nice problem. Why? Because people … Read More

Baggator Nexus and Lockdown 2

In the Baggator Nexus we believe that we must do everything we can to limit the spread of Covid-19. In the Baggator Nexus we believe we must do everything we can to limit the damage of Lockdown2 and the Covid-Recession. This is what we are doing At the Pickle Factory 13 All Hallows Road, BS5 0HH Baggator Gardening Project – … Read More

Baggator Bike Club helping young people get on the road

poster for Baggator bike club

Baggator Bike Club is for young people aged between 11 and 18 who need a bike. They are taught to mend donated bikes and can keep them afterwards. They can donate £20 if they choose to, this money will go towards new parts for their bike and others. It usually takes around 3 sessions to renovate one of the bikes. … Read More

Cycling Sisters – free cycling lessons at Baggator

Poster for Cycling sisters

Cycling Sisters has been set up by local women to help support other women, particularly those who may face religious or cultural barriers, to learn how to cycle.  It started with a conversation about getting back in to cycling and encouraging other women to cycle too. The response from Muslim women has been overwhelming but all women are welcome, irrespective … Read More

#COVIDdirectory Where to get help in Ashley, Easton, Lawrence Hill + beyond

Image of Covid directory cover from Up our Street and Vocalise

@Up Our Street + @Vocalise Bristol magazines have collaborated with @St Pauls Advice Centre, @Bristol Law Centre, The Network and CHAS Bristol to bring you a definitive guide to support, advice and helping others during this difficult time. We are included in the #COVIDdirectory alongside 56 other local groups, projects and organisations. Each listing is “tagged” with a category to … Read More

Baggator Nexus response to COVID-19

As part of BAGGATOR Nexus response to COVID-19, we’ve had teams of people cooking and freezing meals for delivery to people who are self-isolating or vulnerable. We [that’s Easton, not just Baggator] were able to get this off the ground within a week of lockdown because a ‘virtual’ army got stuck in from all sorts of organisations and groups. We are using … Read More