Baggator Nexus

We’re repurposing The Pickle Factory [13 All Hallows Road, BS5 0RP] to support our friends and neighbours in the face of COVID-19. Services are moving into the following pockets

1. Food production for vulnerable/isolated/ill neighbours via teams like Super Supper Club

2. Supplies distribution in tandem with 1 above

3. Communications hub. We’ve got a fast broadband link that can support local groups comms, and remote Youth & Community work

To do this, we are planning

A. Kitchen operating 5-7 day a week

B. Secure storage in shipping container equipped with power & light for frozen/dry food/goods. With the expansion options [e.g. The adjacent Hall]

C. Comms hub model using free software & support – what happens when the homeschooling laptop crashes?

D. Flat flexible structures based on self-organising volunteer groups focused on discrete tasks [pockets] that can respond fast and cope with sickness and vacancies

We are working with several groups and organisations including

  • Bagga-youth
  • All Hallows Hall
  • Bristol Muslim Cultural Society
  • National Food Service
  • RADE
  • Plan-EL
  • Marsh Maker
  • Peace of Art

We need volunteers [doesn’t everybody!]. We also need these skills

  • Food Handling
  • Youth Work
  • ICT
  • Logistics
  • Emergency Planning
  • Links with every part of our Community

If you can help email:

More information on our website & social media in the coming days