Baggator Nexus response to COVID-19

As part of BAGGATOR Nexus response to COVID-19, we’ve had teams of people cooking and freezing meals for delivery to people who are self-isolating or vulnerable. We [that’s Easton, not just Baggator] were able to get this off the ground within a week of lockdown because a ‘virtual’ army got stuck in from all sorts of organisations and groups. We are using Pods [self-contained micro-teams] to minimise the risk of cross-infection and keep the process sustainable. Hundreds of meals have been prepared and delivered.

Listing all those who made this possible wouldn’t do them justice, but two ‘honourable’ mentions are in order. Ifrah and Deqo have been in after every cooking shift and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Truly key workers – without them, all the professional cooks volunteering their time would have been wasted.

Then there are our local cooking team [including Helen Ashley] who’ve run the Super Supper Club for months before COVID-19 – they aren’t the only ones, but right now they need funds to carry on. Beyond COVID-19 we know that Easton [Bristol] will see levels of Poverty we thought we’d left far behind. Baggator Nexus is gearing up to respond to local needs with each group or organisation in the Nexus playing to its strengths as the Nexus ‘Connector.’

Super Supper Club is the Nexus Food Connector;

their appeal is here