Baggator Nexus and Lockdown 2

In the Baggator Nexus we believe that we must do everything we can to limit the spread of Covid-19.

In the Baggator Nexus we believe we must do everything we can to limit the damage of Lockdown2 and the Covid-Recession.

This is what we are doing

At the Pickle Factory

13 All Hallows Road, BS5 0HH

Baggator Gardening Project – Wednesdays 11:00-13:00 – Therapeutic work continuing with a small number of Citizens who have social isolation issues

Super Supper Club – Wednesdays 16:30-20:30 – cooking and distributing food to Citizens who are Isolating or experiencing food poverty

Bagga-bites – Thursdays – 17:00-18:30 – with the Super Supper Club, cooking and distributing food to Young Citizens at the Yard Gates

Atamai Tutor Center – Saturdays – 12:00-16:00 – 1:1 tutoring with Young Citizens in separated bubbles

Cycling Sisters – Sundays – BMCS is completing the current course in tiny groups


Cafe In the Hill [Barton Hill] – Sundays – Cooking and distributing food to Citizens who are Isolating or experiencing food poverty. This service is due to start next Sunday, & has been put together at great speed by a new group – so quickly the name may change.

Meanwhile we must also look forward.

Longer-Term Nexus Activity to inform our futures

Saaf Hava [Clean Air] – RADE and the Council for Bristol Mosques – rolling out co-located Particulate; Nitrogen Dioxide; Temperature; Humidity sensors at 20 sites in Easton – Data generated is open source. You can find Live Particulate Air Pollution data at the Luftdaten site.

Live Projects – UWE , Plan-EL, ELH University – Architecture & Planning design teams formed from Masters Degree Students and Community Members looking at 6 locations during November 2020-February 2021

  • St Philip’s Marsh
  • Barton Hill/Lawrence Hill
  • Craft Quater – Days Road area
  • Newtown
  • St Marks Road
  • St Judes/Frome Gateway

Grundon’s Campaign – Plan-EL supported by Saaf Hava – co-ordinating the objections to the proposed rubbish dump [Waste Transfer Station] opposite St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School

  • Then there are the services under development via the Ideas Pool approach
  • Therapeutic and support networks for Young Citizens – both remote and in tiny groups
  • Cooked Food distribution – increasing the capacity/number of days
  • Private exercise in the Yard – for very small groups who do not want to exercise in public [for cultural or privacy reasons]

Can you help us? We need Money (Virgin Money Giving//baggator), Volunteers; Equipment; Supplies – you name we need it!

Lastly, a few words of thanks: All of the above wouldn’t be possible without

  • Our Cleaners – who keep us safe
  • Volunteers – who go above and beyond day after day
  • Local Businesses – like Pak Butchers and Bristol Sweet Mart who give supplies and funds
  • Institutions – like UWE – who ask what’s needed, rather than proscribing solutions

And of course

  • Our Friends and Neighbours in BS5

We’ll update this when we can, meanwhile stay safe, stay well.


Best wishes

Stuart Phelps

Interim Chair

The Baggator Nexus is a collection of groups & people dedicated to citizen empowerment in Easton & Lawrence Hill, Bristol. Everyone deserves an equal voice in the future. Some voices are louder because of Privilege; other voices need Amplification. The Nexus is a method of Amplification.


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