Peace of Art is a female street art collective based in Bristol, comprised of local artists Emily Richards, Aumairah Hassan Safina Khan and Manazzar Siddique. The all female group embarked upon their journey into street art in 2020, when they were commissioned to do their first mural.

Peace of Art are passionate about painting murals that are empowering and reflective of the diverse local community and bringing positive, inspiring art to the area.

Based at Baggator at the Pickle factory, Peace of Art was originally cofounded in 2018 by Emily Richards and Aumairah Hassan, to offer local women from multicultural backgrounds the opportunity to try something new and be creative outside. To this end they still deliver regular women only street art sessions, as one of Baggator’s many women only projects in Easton.

Statements from the artists

“Murals and street art can uplift an area, as well as improve it and give it an energy which effects the community around it.

Artists are often overlooked, yet are important members of any community. Their work has the power to illustrate and highlight many important topics, which in turn encourages engagement and dialogue to address the issues and the impact on daily lives

Please email if you would like to join us.

See us on Instagram – @peace_of_art_bristol

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