Baggator Party Nights

Baggator has a big idea! Party Nights for Young People by Young People… We believe that the people who know best what makes a night out for young people special is young people themselves. Radical huh?

We don’t want to just listen to you we want to help you gain the skills and have the opportunity to do it for yourselves.
In order to make this happen we are planning a series of workshops to help you gain the necessary skills alongside a series of Party Nights which you can help organise and put your skills into practice.

Interested? Then let us know what workshops you would like to be involved in. There will be opportunities to learn about:


  • DJ skills
  • Equipment set up, maintenance and operation
  • Teamwork and communication

Event Organisation

  • Planning and making it happen
  • Publicity
  • Ticketing and sales
  • Security
  • Budgeting and Essential Bookkeeping
  • Teamwork and communication


  • Cooking
  • Serving and presentation
  • Sales and Portion Control
  • Budgeting and Essential Bookkeeping
  • Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2
  • Teamwork and communication

Okay, some of it sounds a bit like a chore but we will choose instructors who will try to keep it light but real and, think of what you gain – the opportunity to be involved in designing, organising and running your own party nights plus a whole set of skills that will look good on your CV when you are looking to go into further education and/or employment.

Ultimately, we are trying to give you what we can never do for you Party Nights that you have designed and organised for yourselves.

First Steps

register your interest by one of the methods below and we will get back to you

  • Email us your name & email.
  • On our website.
  • At one of the two sign up sessions – Wednesday 22nd July, 6pm to 7pm & Saturday 25th July, 3pm to 4pm.
  • Or at our next party, Friday 31st July 8pm to 1pm.

just let us know what you’d like to do and how we can contact you.